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GOOD MORNING TO YOU by Echosoundangel GOOD MORNING TO YOU :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 6 3 The BeanBoi (And Dixie) by Echosoundangel The BeanBoi (And Dixie) :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 12 6 Twilight isn't literature by Echosoundangel Twilight isn't literature :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 11 2 Understandable, have a great day by Echosoundangel
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Understandable, have a great day :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 11 6
Beatrice Reference Sheet by Echosoundangel Beatrice Reference Sheet :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 13 3 Too fucking big by Echosoundangel Too fucking big :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 3 9
Deadwood Flowers - Chapter 1
The heavy beating of Puff's wings echoed loudly through the gloomy sky, her panting accompanying it. She'd been flying for hours now, and many dragons below her had looked up and caught a glimpse of her cloak as she flew by. The floral Skydancer was growing more and more tired as she pressed on, desperately searching for her friend. "Debris!" She called out. "Debris, where are you?!" 
'Debris' was the name of a Ridgeback, a very special one at that. She was practically a sentient tree that had taken the form of a Ridgeback. Despite this though, she'd become very fond of Puff, despite her lack of speech. 
However, something had happened. Debris had suddenly got up and left without warning overnight. Luciela, the Queen of the clan, had sent out a few dragons to search for her, including Puff, leading to where we are now. 
"Debris!" She shouted again, her voice becoming more and more hoarse as she continued to fly.
:iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 2 0
Skergonk by Echosoundangel Skergonk :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 9 2 I ATE A BABEH by Echosoundangel I ATE A BABEH :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 4 5 .:AT:. Snivel I will demist you by Echosoundangel .:AT:. Snivel I will demist you :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 6 6 *Jumps down* im gA Y by Echosoundangel *Jumps down* im gA Y :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 12 1 Oh look it's overrated by Echosoundangel Oh look it's overrated :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 12 3 Something something Porygon2 something by Echosoundangel Something something Porygon2 something :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 7 13 The Not-So-Grateful-At-All Pokemon by Echosoundangel The Not-So-Grateful-At-All Pokemon :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 8 2 *Very loud Spanish noises* by Echosoundangel *Very loud Spanish noises* :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 6 2 y e E t by Echosoundangel y e E t :iconechosoundangel:Echosoundangel 15 8


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Leavians are open again i guess
i think I missed a LOT of things, but i know that i at least was able to lay out some basics so here
if you have any questions then please ask
:iconsnowy-bork:snowy-bork 2 3
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I find the things I fav to be very intriguing, and cool!



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I'm Echosoundangel, but you can call me Echo. If you wanna talk with me, don't be scared! I'd love to chat!
I'm a self-taught artist who hopes to become a tattoo artist or an illustrator some day, being able to share my work with so many other people and actually get paid for doing that! Until then, I'm a meme-lovin' fuck who hangs around on this site all the time with her dreams.

Parade of Dragons Stamp by The-Emerald-Otter Stamp by Kataang-furuba teddy stamp by findyQ I tried... I can't anymore by JustYoungHeroes SO HUG ME! by JustYoungHeroes Its Ok To Be Sad Sometimes stamp by catstam Aesthetic Stamp #54 by NummyPixels Bisexual Stamp by ShidoreDoblas The Legendary Pokemon by Marlenesstamps Vintage Canada Stamp by Gasara .music love. by icedtay We Are Made Of Star Stuff by ThePrettiestSalad Psychic-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 Dragon-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 im sorry stamp by arinwins My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9 Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 #380 Latias by Otto-V #227 Skarmory by Otto-V #683 Aromatisse by Otto-V #701 Hawlucha by Otto-V #181 Ampharos by Otto-V #241 Miltank by Otto-V

[COMM 2] Echosoundangel by BazileAJ [COMM] Echosoundangel by BazileAJ toward the hell, step by step by Iucifurs [Com] Ash Chibi by DJFoxyy Klowbi by blackappolossa1
straight faced science girl by pksplysandre {Gift} Pierre-Echosoundangel by BrokenWingsOfLight turn up by pksplysandre .:PC:. Echosoundangel by Khoritsa -Comm- La Rapida by SomeOrdinaryArtists COMMISSION 1/1 by SydneyMR Sleeping by BaekRang Flying High by TelephoneCat Treecko Pagedoll by VoltTecher Grovyle Pagedoll by VoltTecher Sceptile Pagedoll by VoltTecher Noibat Pagedoll by VoltTecher Noivern Pagedoll by VoltTecher Latias Pagedoll by VoltTecher fallen angel by pksplysandre [C] stitch, sew, cut, ties by viideoqame [Gift] A Touch of Color by BrokenWingsOfLight Fondu au Noir by pksplysandre love you by pksplysandre join us for a bite by pksplysandre eat my shorts by Iucifurs [Gift] Haunted by BrokenWingsOfLight Shine Bright by VoltTecher Super Metal Dance Moves by VoltTecher Amphabulous by VoltTecher :PC: happy days are here again by yeIIowsubmarines keep each letter by Ghost-Mansion [COMMISSION!] Klowbi by Lipton-Arts {Xmas Gift} Echo by BrokenWingsOfLight There's always enough care to go around ~Gift by LarsInABox GIFT ~Benji~ by blackappolossa1 Patches by Dirachi Snek Plague by NiwiNoodle CE- Extus by MicrowavedShark :PC 1/3: you bring out the savage in me by yeIIowsubmarines :PC 2/3: snekkity snek by yeIIowsubmarines :PC 3/3: I AM TIRED OF THESE SNAKES ON THIS PLANE by yeIIowsubmarines [C] Digital Fullbody for Echosoundangel by Pandahhs [COM] Patches by Mizuki--Senpai Blep.gif by MicrowavedShark OH MISTErcrab by MicrowavedShark bootiful by MicrowavedShark [Gift] Sunset-Echosoundangel by BrokenWingsOfLight ready to chat by Puraveon Echosoundangel | Commission by SugarcoatedStar F IS FOR FIRE THAT BURNS DOWN THE WHOLE TOWN by salty-snaps Raffle Prize: Echosoundangel by nox-draws A Kaiju-sized Shitpost by VoltTecher
I've decided that I'm going to let some of my characters go. 
Let them go to someone else, that is. 

Yes, you heard me right; I'm selling some of my characters.
These will be ones that I no longer feel that special bond with, or just don't know what to do with anymore. 
Also I wanna make some room for new characters that I have in mind because STARS I have too many characters-

Some of these guys also come with art, wether it be made by myself, or someone else. All art that comes with them will be shown.
So please make sure to save all pictures of that character, as I'll be deleting them off of my profile once they're bought.
Those characters will be higher priced, so be warned. 

Now, let's get to work. 


1. Kerzetier
Kerzetier (Undertale OC) by Echosoundangel  Light up the path by Echosoundangel  Crazy-tier by Echosoundangel  Underfell! Kerzetier by Echosoundangel  Horrortale! Kerzetier by Echosoundangel  Glow by Echosoundangel

I'm looking for around 135 Points but I am willing to haggle if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. 

2. Krypt 
Krypt Reference Sheet by Echosoundangel Make us it, make us hip, make us scene by guillotine-d  Freaks by Echosoundangel  May your wings serve you well by Echosoundangel  Up In Here by Echosoundangel  Slorp slurp by Echosoundangel  Custom: Echosoundangel by VixessRin
IT'S THE MAU5 CLUBHAU5 by Eddrogymau5  Ready To Fight by MilaniSe7en (These last two don't feature Krypt exclusively, but he is there, so keep them in mind. The last one has a Poke-fied version of him, if you're wondering why I put it there.)
Since Krypt's come a decently long way, I'm looking for like, 180 Points for him.

3. Saturn 
Saturn Reference Sheet by Echosoundangel Gay Fairy by Echosoundangel  HUGE GIFT BATCH by MicrowavedShark (Again, he's FEATURED here.) 
Saturn doesn't have too much art of him, so he'll go for 85 Points (I'm much more willing to haggle with this guy, but only if I MUST.)

4. Gizmei 
Gizmei the Clock (Reference Sheet) by Echosoundangel 
Ah, Gizmei. She had a lot going for her, but I just find myself unable to care for her anymore. She's going for 60 Points.

5. Evangeline 
Evangeline Reference Sheet by Echosoundangel  3rd Day of Christmas by SomeOrdinaryArtists  Celebi Are Like Onions by Echosoundangel
This bugger 'ere was a pain to finish drawing, and wasn't really worth the trouble I went through with her. She's going for 70 Points.

6.  Vinny, Kaiser, Gaston, and Obsidian
Vin Diesel by Echosoundangel  He's ''Horny'' Alright by Echosoundangel  Robo-Bitch by Echosoundangel  I Dropped My Hot Pocket by Echosoundangel 
Now, I'm putting all these guys together as a "Value package" of sorts. They've never gotten proper reference sheets, so they can be molded and melded in anyway you please if you buy them. All together, they come to 120 Points


So, that's that. I hope that these guys will be given proper, loving homes, as I can no longer provide them with one. Hope you guys are willing to take them off my hands!~

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It looks like this:
Stitched Up by Echosoundangel

I put it on my new derg (Aptly named "Seamstress"), and she'll look like this once she's finished: 
Seamstress by Echosoundangel
Fuck man I'm attracted to anything with stitches on it aren't I lmao-


So yeah! 
This is Song, a little Bambino from Italy, specifically Venice. 
She's a sweet baby, and I hope to have a proper reference sheet for her soon.

Also wow this is my first time drawing a hairless cat! 
The trick to drawing them I find is to exaggerate the cheekbones, give them very long faces, and show off the wrinkles. 


Song (c) Me
The BeanBoi (And Dixie)
Our beautiful childreb-
So c00t. 

Anyways, this was a picture that my mom snapped of Flame and Dixie on the bed, being sweethearts. 
So I decided it was worth sharing with you guys! 

They're very soft beaners~
Twilight isn't literature
I've been waiting to draw this boy for too long 
Why haven't I drawn him before 

F u c c -


Who might this be? 
Well, his name is Kaen! 

He's a pessimistic boyo who doesn't really emote but he does smile from time to time. 
Even when he's being depressing. 

He doesn't know how to express himself. 


Leavians (c) :iconsnowy-bork: 
Kaen (c) Me


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These donations will help me for commissions and such, allowing me to get better at what I do. Every donation counts!~

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